Friday, July 3, 2009

PICTURES AT LAST! Here are some, there are loads more, they are coming soon! Enjoy!

here are the girls ( r to l: Ella, Ilona and Heli) walking in Tampere.

An Accordian player in Tampere

The market in a Tampere shopping center

my room!!!!

my borrowed bike and flowers

Heli and friends!!

Ilona and Heli

Heli and origami bird

me and the girls ( this is the table we eat most dinner at)


Marjut ( far right) and friends a lake home

Ilona and Ella drinking sprite in a row boat on a river!!

Me and Heli in the row boat

Ilona in Anssi´s army hat

Anniina and Heli and the doll ( Martta)

Me and Ilona after sauna :)

Dinner at the Siipibaari ( chicken wing bar!)

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