Friday, July 24, 2009

good afternoon from Finland...! It´s about 2:30 pm here, it´s very strange to think that at home it is about 7:30 in the morning, and eveyone just opening thier eyes...
I am relaxed in sweat pants and a tank top, complete with a mug of tea. Ilona is out with Anssi looking at scooters, Ella has a friend over, Heli is at a friends´ and Marjut is doing laundry and such. I took bike ride this morning to the mall... only to turn around when I got there and go home again. I had forgotten the bike lock and so couldn´t go into the stores. Not that I could buy anything anyway, but just to people watch . Oh well, I got some good sweaty excersize! The wind seemed to be trying to blow me off the bike as I went, quite annoying. Tomorrow Ilona wants to go to the mall anyway, so I will go along. Later Petra and her family are coming for dinner... this is a common thing in Finnish summers, having friends over for dinner. And as I found the other night, it is very pleasant. Sunday we are thinking about going to church ( more on that later) and then there is a park concert in the afternoon. Tuesday we will leave for the proposed plan I mentioned a few days ago, except now we aren´t going to Helsinki because Petra is coming here!

I´ve been trying to figure some things out in my head today, not all of them are clear enough thoughts that they will make any sense written here. Just a muddle of feelings and phrases. I´ve been thinking about how everyone at home thinks of me, like I´m off on a gigantic adventure. Well, I guess I am, but really.. well not every minute is action packed, not every conversation is unforgetable. Not every moring dawns beautiful and sunny, and the days are not without bordom. Minutes pass like minutes anywhere else, and it rains just the same. I know I have covered this subject very well in previous posts, but it is one that is constantly jumping at my face. It´s just life, no matter where you´re living it. You can´t always decide how it is going to go, but you can decide how you are going deal with it. It´s something I understand now, but I can´t always apply it to my actions. Maybe someday I´ll manage it.


  1. Anonymous08:45

    Well said. Minutes do pass and yet, the advantage of your location gives you maturity, perspective, and...this a Finnish word you have learned? Sisu! love, Mom

  2. Anonymous14:26

    When you get to the 'grass' on the other side of the 'fence', it is not all that different from where you left.

  3. So well written Megan. It's funny how we all struggle at times with how to deal with boredom and living life no matter where we are.

    I read a great book series a few years back by Robin Jones Gunn, she is a Christian of course, about a teenage girl named Sierra Jensen who traveled abroad. It is fiction, but such a great book series about teen issues. Christy Miller is another series too, by the same author.

    Thanks for keeping us posted on your happenings in Finland.