Saturday, July 4, 2009

Here are more pictures! They are dreadfully out of order, but here they are. There are also loads more, but it takes so long to upload them that these will have to do for now!
Here is the view from the sauna beach we went to in Turku!
Here I am in the window of a Finnish castle from the middle ages... in Turku

Me in a famous church in Turku

Marika, who was the YFU person in charge of our group in Turku, she was hilarious!

me washing carpets!!!!

Heli washing carpets

me and Ilona washing carpets with the lake in the background

Heli and Ilona ringing out the carpets :)

Like I said, there are so many more pictures! Yesterday I bought a memory card for my camara and now I can take many pictures at a time, instead of only about 20 like I could before. Thus there are now even MORE pictures! Yesterday we also went stawberry picking! They allow you to eat as many as you like and pick as many as you like... there are no worries about people eating too many because they know that a person can only eat so many strawberries! Clever huh? And it´s true, I was full after 5 minutes! They were the most amazing stawberries too...Ă„iti and the girls had a nice way of dealing with the greens. They would just remove them when they picked the berry... that way we didn´t need to do that at home! After picking we ate coffee and pastries and gazed at the view... you´ll see when I finally put those pictrues up. It was magnificent, all the little green islands sitting in the sparkling lake with the puffy white clouds floating by... ahhh. We leave for Lapland tomorrow, I will not be posting during that time. I will however keep an account of it in my diary, and take millions of pictures! Before I go, I must tell about yesterday a little. The girls and I played Sing Star! I was pretty bad, seeing as I didn´t know any of the songs, but it was terrific fun! We are finally getting comfortable enough with eachother that we can laugh and tease... it´s so amazing. Yesterday I also entertained the family by teaching they an English tounge twister `how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood...etc` They thought it was pretty funny... and tried to teach me a little song in Finnish. I wasn´t bad.
I also made they brownies for dessert! They we amazing, and smelled like home. It was nice to make them something that they hadn´t had before. I seem to have gotten over a hump.. I was a little homesick\culture shocked a few days ago, but now everything is a little easier. Phew. Okay, gotta run, I´ll write when I get back from visiting Santa Claus!! xxx


  1. Anonymous23:41

    Great pictures! Dad wants to know he may log on and turn some of your pictures into the correct position? Leave a note here or ha ha text him. Love, Mom

  2. Hey Megan,
    I just read all your posts from Finland and I'm glad to see you've been having such a great time. It sounds like an amazing life changing experience, and I know you're rocking it.
    More posts! more photos! Keep 'em coming!
    Nice to hear from you, :)

  3. Hi Megan,

    I am finally getting to read your blog. I will work my way backwards until I catch up.

    I am so enjoying living vicariously through your adventure in Finland. What a blessing.

    I wonder if it is that Finnish soil that makes that strawberries taste so wonderful.
    Isn't that amazing how a food can taste so different in a different area of the world.

    If and When you are homesick again here is a great scripture to meditate on

    Be still and know that I am GOD Psalm 46:10

    In Christ's Love, Mrs. Triba

  4. thanks all, Dad: if you want to try, go ahead!!! <3