Saturday, June 20, 2009

Well, I fly tomorrow... so here a little note:
I am exceptionally quiet today, Mom calls it "pulling in" before a big trip... it's a very strange sensation. Thank you all for your support and interest in my thoughts and adventures, it means al0t to me. It is nice to know while I am off in strange places that there are people at home who care. Off I go! -Megan


  1. Anonymous13:20

    and remember that there is somebdy that is in the other part of the world that cares too

    good luck, and have fun
    I love you

  2. you will have a blast Megan. Big cousin Tiffany in Pennsylvania will be following your adventures on your blog. check into your little cousin Eden's blog too if you want... (she is almost 3)

    love, tiffany dorta

  3. Anonymous21:08

    We are interested in how your connections in Washington went: Who are the adults running your program and what are the other scholarship winners like? Are they male/female, what parts of the country? You are surely too busy to write much about it all now, but hopefully there will be time to jot notes in your journal for later reentry on your blog. You are on an amazing journey and we are so proud of you!