Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More events that have surprised and delighted me:
A few days ago when the girls friends were over, they were playing Pictionary in Finnish. I didn´t understand it at all, but was amused by their screeches of delight and dismay. When they were done playing, we spontaneously began folding the drawing paper into different shapes. Hats, boats, fans and airplanes flourished. Ilona made an origami bird, and then showed us all how to make one, without a word in English. There we were, crouched on the living room floor, folding paper birds in silence. Mine turned out pretty good! I was extremly proud of myself. I am sorry for the spelling mistakes here, the spell check doesn´t work on the Finnish computer and I keep forgetting my English words! It happens when I speak too. Someone asks `what do you call this in English?´ and I have not idea! Hearing Finnish all the time does that, even if I don´t understand. Yeserday we did go to the beach, but the water was much to cold to swim. After a minute my feet and legs we quite numb! So we drove to a family friends´home, which is on a lake. I met a girl around my age who is going to Germany for a year in August. She was with a special program too, and had to make a presentation in English about Finland ...which she asked me to proof read! It was really fun... I read it through and repharsed some things. Most of it was good, but some words were in the wrong order and some were just wrong. For example, she had written that during a certian holiday in Finns ´bang´fireworks. I replaced it with ´set off´ :) We went out on the lake in a rowboat then! I even tried rowing for bit... I did pretty good until I rowed into the reeds! We rowed up a little river too, drinking sprite and laughing. It was a really lovely afternoon. I now have a borrowed bike to ride, which is nice becuase it is a good way to get around here. This afternoon we are going to a spa... more on that later. My host family is really amazing... Heli just adores me, and has already made me a braclet and a necklace from her bead kit!!! <3 I will add some pictures soon, it´s hard on a Finnish computer!


  1. Anonymous13:12

    Origami as ice breaker! Very interesting. How does the family like the different things you brought over for them? Have fun at the spa. Have you seen much t.v. or movies? Your brain must be working very hard to learn the new language! Good for you! love, Mom

  2. Hello Megan - I have enjoyed reading all of your interesting and discriptive posts. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I looked up in my Atlas where you are located. It did not have the town of your host family, but I did find Tempere. It would appear that you will have a long travel to Lapland. However, I am sure you will see some magnificent scenery along the way. Continue to enjoy every moment. Janice