Monday, August 17, 2009

I AM HOME! IN THE USA! IN MY HOUSE! WITH MY FAMILY! In case you didn't pick up on it, I am extremely happy to be home. I miss Finland, but I so caught up in the awesomeness of being home, that I don't really have time! The flights back home were uneventful, although the longest one ( 9 hrs, 5 minutes) seemed longer than the one going to Finland. When we got to the Washington Dulles Airport, and went through customs, the American citizens went through a fast moving line that was parallel to a super long and slow line of non- citizens. It was so awesome, in a mean sort of way I guess, but I felt so proud to be in my own country again! I got the biggest thrill while waiting in the airport for my flight to CT, because I discovered that I could eavesdrop again!!!! I could actually understand the conversations of the people sitting near me! It felt amazing... but it was a kind of relief to hear some people there speaking a language that I didn't understand, it required less thought! I had to say goodbye to the other kids in the group, I was so sad and it felt awful to say " have a nice life!" to them! We have became very good friends over the summer. Luckily some of them live close by so I can see them maybe sometimes. My family met me at the Bradly Airport in CT, complete with a 'welcome home Megan' sign! They are all so awesome looking, my brother has gotten taller and got some swimmers muscles, Beth is gorgeous, and Jamie looks older! Nene, my new exchange student from Japan is really nice too :) At home, I kept getting amazing thrills from seeing normal, old things in my home, like yesterday morning I got up and just stood in my room staring at my dresser, thinking how lovely it was! HAHA! The newly painted rooms are nice too, I love how they look. My mom is also talking about painting the kitchen too!
Today I am going to go to the beach with some friends and this week is going to be full of seeing people and catching up. Next week we will start school I think. I guess that my summer in Finland is over now. It is a strange feeling, knowing that that huge adventure is behind me now. It has taught me alot. It has changed me in little ways. It has opened my eyes and showed me how beautiful and incredible the world can be. It has taught me to cope and to fly in airplanes without freaking out. It has taught me how exchange students living in my home feel. It has taught me a whole summer load of stuff that I could go on and on and on about, but for now I will stop typing, and say good bye to all you faithful readers. Thank you for your support this summer!! Moi moi!
And here ends the blog of Megan Yeo, American Overseas Student to Finland in summer 2009 :)

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